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Paleo: Lifestyle or Fad Diet? 1/12/18

Paleo Paleo Paleo. If you say it enough times, click your heels together, and spin around three times, someone will magically appear with a forkful of kale and a sales pitch about their amazing new Paleo product.

If you’ve tried Paleo for more than three minutes, you can probably relate!

The two most irksome types of people: those who call Paleo a “fad diet”, and those who want to capitalize on the Paleo “fad” by selling something boxed and processed with a neon sticker marking it “Paleo”.

A lot of people begin the Paleo diet in response to an autoimmune/inflammatory disease. It’s especially hard to hear people ragging on Paleo as a fad diet when it’s the lifeline that is helping your body heal.

If you’ve ever had a hard time trying to discern between the Paleo lifestyle and a Paleo fad diet, or have been living the Paleo lifestyle for awhile now and could use a good laugh, here are some comparisons to help:

Fad diet: Says, “I can’t eat that.” The Paleo diet guidelines are in control (for now).

Lifestyle: Says, “I don’t eat that.” You and your body are in control.

Fad diet: Dedicated to crossfit and only crossfit. Crossfit is king. Did they mention they do crossfit?

Lifestyle: Dedicated to exercise and variety. Movement is king. Be that walking, running, lifting, squatting, chasing a two year old, push ups, yoga etc. - doesn't matter as long as you're moving!

Fad diet: Fridge is filled with Paleo prepackaged meals, ordered from the latest meal prep website, that will last the week.

Lifestyle: Fridge is filled with vegetables and meat - carrots, beets, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, lettuce, beef, chicken, salmon, etc. Ingredients to prepare enough meals to last all week.

Fad diet: Has a daily count for calories, grams of protein, fats, carbs, etc. Probably has an app that tracks calories eaten vs calories burned.

Lifestyle: Real food doesn't come with labels, so what's the point of counting? Makes an effort to include fiber, fat, and protein at every meal. Eats when hungry, and is satisfied after a meal.

Fad diet: Gets their craving fix from Paleo certified versions of their favorite sweets.

Lifestyle: Knows that cravings indicate their body needs nutrients. Never indulges a craving until after they've fed their body a balanced meal, because most of the time the craving dissipates once the body gets the nutrients it needs.

Fad diet: lets absolutely everyone know that those brownies so-and-so brought to work are NOT paleo.

Lifestyle: What brownies? You don’t even check the breakroom anymore - either because lunch filled you up and left you satisfied, or because you bring your own apples and almond butter.

Fad diet: Began this diet to lose weight, and this was the most popular diet with celebrities right now.

Lifestyle: Began this diet in order to help your body heal, or to prevent diseases later in life.

Fad diet: Committed to the next 60 days.

Lifestyle: Committed to the next 60 years.

Do you ever get frustrated hearing people refer to Paleo as a “fad diet”? Tell us in the comments below what comparisons we missed!