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Exhaustion Survival Skills

You roll over and hit snooze on your alarm. Despite sleeping 7-8 hours, your body feels anything but rested.

After five minutes of mental preparation, you finally get your legs over the edge of the bed and sit up oh so slowly. Your limbs feel weighted, your head is filled with fog and frustration, it’s taking all of your willpower to open your eyes, and you have a dull heavy pang in your abdomen from exhaustion.

It might sound like a hangover or the flu, but for anyone with chronic fatigue, autoimmune or thyroid issues, it’s just a regular day.

The last conscious memory I have of waking up without an alarm clock and feeling fully rested was easily over five years ago. Sleep is forever my nemesis and savior.

Over do it one weekend, and you’ll pay for it for the whole week. Over it do it several weekends in a row? You’ll probably have to legitimately call in sick one day next week.

Sleep is undervalued by almost everyone, in my opinion. But for those with chronic illness, autoimmune issues, or hormone imbalances, sleep is the lifeline that means the difference between a productive, happy day and being 100% out of commission while your body copes.

A normal healthy adult can bounce back in a day. We need at least a week.

We don’t have the luxury of undervaluing sleep.


Paleo: It's Not All About The Cavemen

First impressions are a fascinating thing, aren’t they?

Whisper the word Paleo, and you conjure up images of bulky weightlifters who eat big hunks of meat while chanting *Crossfit! Crossfit! Crossfit!*.

Celebrities in shining white and stainless steel kitchens preparing omelets with organic eggs from their backyard chicken coop.

That girl who has a bad habit of letting everyone know that the brownies in the breakroom are NOT paleo.

If you ask most people what they’ve heard about Paleo, it’s usually one of two things: That it is a high protein, meat based diet or that you “eat like a caveman”. The first, is wildly inaccurate. The second raises more questions than it answers.

In a nutshell, the Paleo lifestyle isn’t about only eating grass-fed beef and living like a caveman.


Five Reasons to Go Gluten-Free (That Have Nothing To Do With Gluten!)

Is there anything more infuriating than reading an article that goes into great detail about why gluten really isn’t bad at all, and that everyone on the gluten-free “fad” is just pompous, full of their own self-importance, and scientifically inept?

I stumbled upon this article the other day.

Ever wonder how anyone, much less EVERYONE, can get so personally annoyed by someone else’s personal decision to go gluten-free?

Instead of indulging the full-on tirade floating through my mind, and going point by point through this article to point out how flawed and biased the reasoning is, I’ll just leave you with my top five non-gluten related reasons to go gluten free/paleo. You’ll notice that none of them accuse gluten of being an embodiment of Satan himself:


Paleo: Lifestyle or Fad Diet?

Paleo Paleo Paleo. If you say it enough times, click your heels together, and spin around three times, someone will magically appear with a forkful of kale and a sales pitch about their amazing new Paleo product. If you’ve tried Paleo for more than three minutes, you can probably relate!

The two most irksome types of people: those who call Paleo a “fad diet”, and those who want to capitalize on the Paleo “fad” by selling something boxed and processed with a neon sticker marking it “Paleo”.

A lot of people begin the Paleo diet in response to an autoimmune/inflammatory disease. It’s especially hard to hear people ragging on Paleo as a fad diet when it’s the lifeline that is helping your body heal.

If you’ve ever had a hard time trying to discern between the Paleo lifestyle and a Paleo fad diet, or have been living the Paleo lifestyle for awhile now and could use a good laugh, here are some comparisons to help:

Fad diet: Says, “I can’t eat that.” The Paleo diet guidelines are in control (for now).

Lifestyle: Says, “I don’t eat that.” You and your body are in control.


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