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Favorite Food Products and Companies

Abundant Harvest Organics - CSA Subscription


Produce CSA subscriptions are a great way to broaden your vegetable horizons - and support local farmers while you do it! AHO (Abundant Harvest Organics) lets you pick up a fresh basket of organic produce from all across California.

Quality: Picked within days of your pickup!

Price: A small basket will only run you $26 a week ($48 for a large), and feeds 2-4 people. One nice feature, is that once you are a member, you can skip up to a year of weekly baskets at no charge without losing your membership. This is a great feature for busy seasons (holidays, etc.).

Autonomy Farms - CSA Subscription/Meat/Farmers Market


I'm not gonna lie - I'm rather in love with the folks at Autonomy Farms. Their meat is fresh, delicious, top-notch quality, and more convenient than you can imagine. Aside from supporting a family run farm, it is one of the most cost effective ways I've found to work grass-fed beef into our weekly diet.

Aside from grass-fed beef (and pastured chicken/pork/lamb), they are also a great source for bones/bone broth bundles, and offal.

Quality: Top notch! Meat arrives frozen, and if you aren't home for the delivery you can just leave a cooler on your porch.


Customer Service: I've had great experiences dealing with them. They are quick to reply, and always call me if there is a last minute change.


Price: Very reasonable for the quality you receive. Their CSA monthly meat subscription are $75 for a small box, $150 for a medium box, and $225 for a large box. They also periodically have different meats on sale.


Radiant Life  - Supplements etc.



This is the only place I will buy my cod liver oil/butter mix from. Love their gels, particularly the cinnamon tingle flavor!


Quality: Superb. I trust their quality more than any other company.


Price: Not cheap - you get what you pay for! Their cod liver oil/butter mix is $49 a bottle, but includes 96 servings (about 3 months for one person).


Trifecta Nutrition  - Meal Prep Service



I looked at a lot of different meal prep services in preparation for my busy season at work. This was the only company I found that did bulk/a la cart meal prep instead of just individual meals! Each week is delivered to your door fully cooked and sealed in an iced box.


Quality: Top notch! Everything is 90% lean, Organic, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, and Non-GMO.


They are dedicated to sourcing "the best quality meats available, and purchase as many ingredients as we can from local family-run suppliers with sustainable practices. Fresh and healthy is our number one priority so our fruits are naturally grown and our meats are grass-fed and fish are wild-caught."


Pretty much checks off all of my boxes!


Price: One of the most reasonable I've encountered. The a la carte option has a minimum order of $119 per order (you can choose weekly or biweekly). We order only meat, and that comes out to about 36 servings of meat a week, which is a little less than $3.50 a meal. Not bad at all for the convenience of not cooking!

Do you have any go to products or companies? Let us know in the comments below who you love, who you've tried, and who you will never use again!

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