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Five Reasons To Go Gluten-Free (That Have Nothing To Do With Gluten)

Is there anything more infuriating than reading an article that goes into great detail about why gluten really isn’t bad at all, and that everyone on the gluten-free “fad” is just pompous, full of their own self-importance, and scientifically inept?

I stumbled upon this article the other day.

Ever wonder how anyone, much less EVERYONE, can get so personally annoyed by someone else’s personal decision to go gluten free?

Instead of indulging the full-on tirade floating through my mind, and going point by point through this article to point out how flawed and biased the reasoning is, I’ll just leave you with my top five non-gluten related reasons to go gluten free/paleo.

You’ll notice that none of them accuse gluten of being an embodiment of Satan himself...

1. There is close to zero nutritional value in bread, muffins, cookies, pasta, crackers, and the like.

Everytime you say yes to gluten, you’re saying no to the chance to actually FEED your body.

So, no, New Yorker, I don’t think a gluten-free diet imposed on a child is “cruel and unusual punishment”.

How dare you feed their small, growing, vulnerable bodies with actual     nutrients!? WHERE IS THE CAKE, YOU MONSTER?!

2. Grains and sugar, which are present in all of the above, are known inflammatory foods. 

Inflammation is the root of ALL autoimmune diseases. 

A low inflammatory diet is always going to be more effective than a high inflammatory diet plus medications (which is like trying to put out a house fire with a fire extinguisher in one hand and lighter fluid in the other).

3. You are NOT eating enough vegetables. 

You know you’re not. I know you’re not. We all know we aren’t. 

Try cutting out gluten for a month, replace it with all the vegetables you can get your hands on and see how much better you feel with all of those micronutrients!

4. Your body, and your soul, craves SLOW food (think childhood dinners at grandmas)

The bulk of gluten filled foods are convenience foods. 

Put down the fast food (and your phone!), and make time for a slow food family dinner. Catch up with your loved ones and let your body’s digestion love the chance to relax for once.

5. It helps your body feel GOOD. 

Increased micronutrients. Decreased stress on your digestion. Once you make the connection between what you are eating and how it makes your body feel, meal time becomes driven by intuition instead of cravings. 

Finding the balance between what tastes good and what makes you FEEL good is a game changer. 

A hot fudge sundae, deep dish pizza, or even a simple donut might sound amazing, but knowing how bad those foods will immediately make me feel shuts down the cravings train instantly. 

Coincidentally, once your body begins getting the nutrition it needs, cravings will naturally lessen.

Am I the only one who gets a little frustrated hearing someone talk about the gluten-intolerant as if they are just in it for the attention, instead of nutrition? Tell us in the comments below what non-gluten related reasons we missed!